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Our Privacy Commitment

Version 1.0 Last updated January 22nd 2021

Any Distance is privacy driven. We have made the intentional decision to store as little data as we can.

We respect your privacy at every step of the way and will not compromise that for the sake of monetizing the app. We want to build a great relationship with the community and provide a great experience.

In the future, we will offer in app purchases to support Any Distance – no ads, no nonsense.

Any Distance is built on these principles:

We store the following data about you in a database that is provided by CloudKit from Apple.

This database is one of the most secure options in the world and is trusted by millions of companies.

In addition, we also aggregate an anonymous tally of distance synced each day to help understand how Any Distance is growing. No activity or personal data can be linked to this number.

We would love to hear from you about this commitment and happy to answer any questions by emailing

Thank you for reading.

Luke Beard Dan Kuntz

Luke Beard & Daniel Kuntz

Any Distance founders